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Pest control varies at every different location. We provide customized solutions suited to each individual situation, hence why we conduct a free consultation and inspection of the interior and exterior surroundings of the property. This is done to determine the potential source and seriousness of the pest problem. We then proceed to draft a pest control plan that is specific to your situation. We utilize ‘green’ techniques to gain control over pests where possible.

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Five Moons is a highly qualified and trained specialist in dealing with pests and rodent control and elimination. We carry out pest control according to the IPM program element and specification. We are qualified to exercise a full program for pest control and with high efficiency. The aim of the IPM program is to reduce pests t the optimum international standards.

The full pest management system includes:
  1. Full site assessment
  2. Full site inspection reports highlighting danger and infestation points
  3. Effective follow-up and monitoring
  4. Action plan and results monitoring
  5. Emergency treatment for any incident
  6. Full documentation and reporting program, including trend reports
  7. Dividing each area into zones to assist in controlling, monitoring, and taking care of each zone, covering gaps and small details

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