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Providing the required sanitization and disinfection for protection from bacteria and viruses

Five Moons offers all-natural mobile sanitizing and deodorizing solutions that cater to residential and commercial locations, like hotels, schools and more. We are able to dispatch a team of competent and trained staff to carry out the required cleansing at a convenient time for you.

Our services include:

– Office space disinfection
– Home sanitization
– Preventative services
– Protection against bacteria and the spread of viruses

We list the difference between cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing below:

– Removes dirt, germs, and impurities from objects and surfaces.
– The use of soap or detergent, and water is used to physically remove germs from surface areas.
– This process does not necessarily kill germs but rather removes them to lower the risk of infection.

– Disinfection kills germs on objects and surface areas.
– Chemicals are used to disinfect the required surfaces and objects.
– This process does not effectively clean dirty surfaces or remove germs from the area, but killing germs on the required surfaces after cleaning can assist in lowering the risk of spreading infection.

– Sanitizing assists in reducing the number of germs on surface areas and objects to a level that is considered safe by public health standards and/or requirements.
– This process works by either cleaning or disinfecting surface areas or objects to reduce the risk of spreading infection.

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    Benefits for Sanitization and Disinfection

    • Reduce the spread of disease: viruses and diseases spread in unclean home environments. Sanitization and deep cleaning from Five Moons will mitigate this issue efficiently.
    • Increase productivity: viruses and diseases will affect the productivity of those living in your home. Regularly sanitizing and disinfecting your home will minimize the risk of illness and lack of productivity caused by illness and allow more time to focus on other tasks besides cleaning.
    • Healthier home: keeping your home sanitized will alleviate allergies, viruses and illness.

    We strive to create a safe and healthy environment for you, your family, and coworkers

    We service both residential and commercial clients to effectively remove viruses and bacteria so that comfort can be maintained in a healthy environment.

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