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Get to know the pests in the Rodents family below.

  • The most common rodents include the house mouse, roof rat, and the Norway rat.
  •  Rats are normally nocturnal feeders, travelling an established route to feed and leaving a trail behind.
  • Rats cannot survive for longer than a few days without water.
  • Rats are fertile throughout the year and produce 6 litters per annum with 8-12 young each.
  • Mice produce 4-6 litters per year with 4-13 young each.
  • Rats and mice have poor eyesight, detecting movement with their whiskers which are well-developed touch organs.
  • Rats and mice have a keen sense of smell, are good jumpers, climbers and swimmers.
  • Activities of these rodents result in urban structures being damaged, as well as a variety of consumer goods.
  • Mice and rats are a major threat to human health, as they spread diseases that affect humans.

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