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Stay cool with our AC repair, maintenance & installation services for homes and commercial places.

If your home or business needs maintenance, repair, installation or replacement of its AC system, we’ve got your back!

Schedule you appointment to choose  from your needed service  to choose from with  delivers exceptional and a fair price.

Our cooling service includes:

– AC Installation & Replacement

– AC Repair

– AC Maintenance


– AC Condenser

– Unit load voltage

– Air filter

– Motor fan

– Motor compressor vibration

– Fan coil and condensers cleaning

– Pressure washing for evaporator and condenser coils

– Filter

– Blower and dry fan control

– Compressor, motor and outdoor fan control

– Motor and compressor vibration check

– Condenser cleaning with pressurised water

– Motor and compressor vibration check

– Chilled water temperature & sensor calibration check

– Oil level check regularly on 3-month or 6-month

– Spectrometer chemical oil analysis per compressor

– Repair and maintenance of walk-in chiller

– Repair and maintenance of walk-in freezer

– Repair and maintenance of cold storage equipment

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    Benefits for Air conditioning management

    • Boost production: Uncomfortable temperatures reduce staff productivity, so having an air conditioner in the office is ideal for ensuring a comfortable environment and enhancing productivity during the hot months of the year.
    • Ensure a healthy workplace: Office hygiene is affected by air quality directly!, Air conditioners help to improve air quality and provide a healthier environment for your staff.
    • Save money: The regular maintenance of the air conditioning system saves you time and money by extending your device life cycle to utilize it for a longer period.

    Qualified and experienced technicians

    Our professional well-trained technicians use the latest technology to deliver all your requirements. Whether you need someone to install your air conditioner, repair or maintain it, we are here to assist with our comprehensive services.


    Our staff:

    • Get continuous training to stay up to date with the latest technologies
    • Deliver excellent customer service
    • High commitment on schedule
    • Meet international service standards
    • Are incentivised by KPIs
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