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Housekeeping services to meet your residential or commercial needs

Our expert housekeeping services are available at an hourly rate for the cleaning of your home or work environment. Our cleaning staff are experienced and show the level of respect required when entering your home or office. With our staff being accustomed to Saudi traditions, we carry out the required housekeeping services at a time that is most convenient for you.

-Residential housekeeping

-Commercial housekeeping

-Ongoing and once-off housekeeping services


Flexible housekeeping services to suit your requirements Ensuring your home or office is well-maintained can improve the look and feel of your environment. Five Moons’ housekeeping services are flexible and customized to your needs. While we recommend an on-going housekeeping service to maintain the level of cleanliness in your residential or commercial space, we do offer once-off housekeeping services for special occasions, spring-cleaning occasions, corporate events and more.


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    Benefits for Housekeeping services

    • Save time and boost productivity: by utilizing our housekeeping services, you will save time doing tedious home or office cleaning, giving you more time to focus on other tasks at hand.
    • We make use of the tools required: sometimes you don’t always have the necessary tools to do a proper house or office clean. Five Moons’ housekeeping professionals come well-equipped with all the cleaning tools required to get the job done right.
    • We boast highly experienced professionals: our staff are well-trained and experienced in carrying out effective housekeeping services suited to your needs to ensure you are happy with the outcome, time and again.
    • Boost the aesthetic of your home or office: besides being able to look forward to a hygienic home or office environment, regular housekeeping services means your humble abode or commercial space will look fresh, clean and boast a welcoming aesthetic whenever people come into contact with it.
    • Enhance your indoor air quality: dirty environments are more prone to bad indoor air quality caused by pet dander and dust build-up. Our comprehensive housekeeping services improve your indoor air quality over time, lowering the risk of allergies, asthmatic reactions, dust accumulation and general illness.

    Comprehensive housekeeping for your home or office environment

    Our hourly housekeeping services are suited to your residential or commercial requirements. We will dispatch a trained and experienced professional to ensure that your environment is thoroughly cleaned, down to the smallest of details.

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