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The Industrial City and the supporting infrastructure will ultimately cover an area of approximately eighty (80) square kilometers. The area is generally level and is sandy desert except for occasional dunes. It is sparsely covered with tufts of grass and small bushes. The sabkha areas which occupy a portion of the site are flat salt-encrusted areas without vegetation that have an elevation near mean sea level.
The elevation of the water table varies from 0 to 2.5 meters in the sabkha and from 2 to 5 meters below ground surface in the sand dunes. In the wettest months water may stand in the sabkha.

Zone 1 ‐ Industrial Area
Industrial 1 & 2, Haii Al Bahar, Al Shatie, Haii Al Lulu, Haii Al Huwaylat, Haii Al Khaleej and Haii Yanbu.
Zone 2 ‐ Haii Al Fanateer
Dammam, Makkah, Sudayer, Najd, Al Asha, Dareen, Fanteer City Centeer
Zone 3 ‐ Haii Al Deffi
Al Andalus, Al Kods, Al Faiha, Al Farouk, Al Ferdous.
Zone 4 ‐ Haii Jalmudah
Riyadh, Taibah, Taif, Lulu, Al Ula, Yanbu
Zone 5 ‐ Haii Mutrafiah
Al Rayhan, Al Khozama, Al Yasameen, Al Rabea

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General Pest Control, Rodent Control & Fogging Service

  • Daily service for pest control through residual spray for crawling / flying insect, gel application, rodent control by glue board trapping & granules, mount ULV sprayer and thermal fogging wild animal trapping in all outside surrounding area Royal Commission Jubail we experienced in servicing many types of government inspected facilities as well as many multi-unit residential living facilities, hospitals, schools, mosque, parks, event centers, beaches, sanitary landfill, dumpsite, plant tree, light to heavy industrial facilities and office buildings with specially certified experts
  • Service Period: More than 4 years (On going project)
  • Through additional testing and training, our staff is committed to excellence as it relates to service in sensitive environments. Our Customized Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program understands the unique needs of your facilities.

A pest management partnership with Five moons we provide a pest-free, healthy environment.

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