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General Cleaning

General Cleaning

Specializing in Residential, Commercial and Industrial

From carpets to industry grade, our host of cleaning services offers everything you may need

We specialize in a variety of general and deep cleaning services, as well as sanitization services. These range from residential, commercial, industrial, tower cleaning, and carpet and upholstery cleaning.

– Floors
– Marble
– Carpet shampooing
– Furniture cleaning
– Ceilings
– Overall cleaning

– Floor waxing
– Carpet shampooing
– Stains and grease removal
– Wall and ceiling cleaning

– Industry grade cleaning
– Food Industry cleaning
– Construction cleaning
– Chemical industry cleaning
– Manufacturing industry cleaning

– Cradle glass cleaning
– Rope access cleaning

– Removable of stains, odor, and dirt
– Carpet cleaning
– Upholstery and furniture cleaning
– Delicate fabric handling

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Benefits for General cleaning

Save time

a safe and healthy environment ensures employee satisfaction and lead to increased productivity within the workplace.

We’ve got the right tools to do the job

a safe and healthy environment ensures employee satisfaction and lead to increased productivity within the workplace.

We employ the right people

bacteria and viruses breed in unsanitary areas. Deep cleaning will lower that risk and ensure a clean and healthy environment.

Protect the people around you

deep cleaning furniture, carpeting and other structural elements will reduce the risk of dust mites and harmful indoor air quality in your environment.

We take the time to hand-pick our staff and ensure they are familiar with Saudi traditions and culture.

We hand-pick each and every single staff member, ensuring that they are well-trained to assist in the cleaning of your home or office space. Five Moons is passionate about delivering work that is of a high standard, with our cleaning services carried out in an effective and efficient way.

Our staff is accustomed to Saudi culture and traditions, ensuring that they remain respectful of your personal space and stick to the job at hand. None of our staff are allowed to smoke, eat, or use any of your personal appliances when entering your home or office. Additionally, all of our staff remain presentable and hygienic, from the beginning to the end of the services carried out.

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