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What does Five Moons offer?

Five Moons is a leading Saudi company in deep cleaning services and solutions in Riyadh, Jeddah, the Eastern Province and the rest of the Kingdom where we carry out the cleaning and comprehensive maintenance of villas, palaces, major facilities and buildings with high quality and professionalism includes the following types of services:

1- Deep cleaning

We provide deep and comprehensive cleaning services that guarantee the prevention of viruses and bacteria, disinfection against epidemics and germs, and provide an appropriate, clean and healthy environment that ensures the general safety of residents and employees of the facilities that are cleaned, including:


  • Deep cleaning services for villas and palaces

The deep cleaning service includes cleaning ceilings, floors, marble, cleaning and shampooing carpets, delicately taking care of delicate textiles, cleaning and sterilizing furniture, surfaces and upholstery, removing odors, dirt and stains.

We also do safe steam cleaning and many other methods very professionally using the latest equipment, tools and new technology with completely safe and eco friendly materials that are approved by the World Health Organization

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Deep Cleaning

  • Tower deep cleaning services:

We offer a deep cleaning service for towers, internally and externally, including cleaning building facades and window glass in high-rise places and access to high places with the latest lifting and cleaning techniques, while ensuring professionalism and quality using the best sterilization and polishing materials and taking care of the safety of glass with the possibility of booking maintenance for air conditioners, and comprehensive disinfection and sterilization services for buildings as well.


  • Deep cleaning services for companies, hotels, hospitals and schools

Five Moons provides distinguished and professional cleaning services for companies, hotels, hospitals and schools, including:

Polishing floors, washing carpets with shampoo, removing stains and grease, cleaning walls and cleaning ceilings professionally, using completely safe sterilization and cleaning materials.

Tower Deep Cleaning


  • Factory deep cleaning services

We guarantee you a deep cleaning of your factory at the highest level through industrial cleaning in the food industry, cleaning buildings, warehouses.

besides cleaning in the chemical industries, and cleaning in the manufacturing industries very professionally using the latest technologies and the finest cleaning and sterilization materials.

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Industrial Deep Cleaning


2- Disinfection and sterilization service

Five Moons offers a distinguished service for cleaning, sterilization and disinfection against viruses and germs for villas, palaces, councils, companies, hospitals, hotels and schools.

This service guarantees limiting the spread of diseases and epidemics, especially with the spread of

Covid -19, and a healthy workspace that affects productivity positively .

Deep Cleaning

this service goes through two stages:

  • cleaning

The cleaning process is carried out under the supervision of trained workers using the latest equipment, tools and new techniques by removing dirt, germs and impurities from surfaces with completely safe soaps and detergents.

This process not only kills germs, but also eliminates them to reduce the risk of infection and the spread of diseases.

  • Disinfection

The necessary safe chemicals are used to disinfect surfaces after the cleaning process to kill germs and reduce the risk of infection under the supervision of trained workers and using completely safe, latest and eco friendly materials approved by the World Health Organization

For reservations and inquiries, call 920002194 or you can send your details through the link


3- Insect, rodent and pest control service

Five Moons uses the latest tools, equipment and new technologies to combat insects and crawling and flying pests of all kinds such as bed bugs, cockroaches, mice and termites to live in a safe and healthy environment and reduce allergies.

We are using:

The T3i Termitarac kit is a professional termite detection and tracking technology tool, and a ULV air mist sprayer kit for low volume spraying to control insects stuck in natural trees and streets.

and device  Fog – 400 / SM1 FOG – 500

Which contains smoke disinfectant for effective prevention. It works by spreading ultra-fine chemical particles through the air rapidly.

Pest Control

Our pest control services include:

  • Pest control services for homes

The pest control service for villas and palaces includes a good understanding of the locations of pests, the use of the latest methods of monitoring and tracking, and the use of completely safe chemicals suitable for each pest, such as rat control, scorpion control, snake control, termite control, insect control, dust removal and garden pest control.


  • Insect removal services in hotels and hospitality:

 Five Moons offers a special service to get rid of bed bugs, monitor and get rid of annoying birds, in addition to following up on inspections to ensure complete elimination of pests and getting rid of insects, fleas and annoying insects to provide a safe and healthy environment and hospitality for hotel guests.


  • Pest and rodent control services for factories, restaurants and stores

The service is available to eliminate pests as soon as they appear by identifying the potential entrances to pests and closing them to prevent them from reappearing, and eliminating mice using effective methods such as traps and bait stations, mechanical traps and glue traps on the board, applying rodent bait to get rid of them and keeping your products and food safe and effective.


  • Pest and rodent control services on ships and oil rigs

Five Moons helps you eliminate pests as soon as they appear by identifying potential places for pests to prevent them from reappearing, and getting rid of rodents using effective and safe methods completely.


  • Termite control services

Five Moons helps you maintain your building before construction and after construction using the latest effective and safe methods to get rid of termites completely.

For reservations and inquiries, contact us on 920002194, or you could send your inquiries through the link


4- Management, maintenance and cleaning of air conditioners

Five Moons provides all services related to air conditioners, including management, maintenance, installation and repair to extend the life of air conditioners and enhance their performance in villas, palaces, residential units, companies, hotels and hospitals by providing many services such as:


  • Air conditioners management:

A professional and comprehensive air conditioning management and installation service with highly trained labor all over the Kingdom.

  • Air conditioners maintenance:

Detecting air conditioner and cooling system malfunctions besides, comprehensive air conditioner maintenance by: checking the air conditioner condenser, checking the unit voltage load, checking air and cooling filters, checking the engine fan and other comprehensive air conditioning maintenance operations.

  • Split air conditioner maintenance:

Five Moons will help you split air conditioners maintenance with ease by: cleaning the air conditioner and condenser fan coil units, water pressure cleaning of the evaporator and condenser coil, checking the air conditioner filter, controlling the air pump and dry fan, controlling the external fan motor and compressor, and the engine, check the vibration of the compressor unit and the engine.

  • Maintenance of refrigeration systems in warehouses and factories:

It includes repair and maintenance of air conditioner coolers, freezers and cold storage equipment under the supervision of highly trained workers and using the latest tools and equipment.

For reservations and inquiries about maintenance and management of air conditioners and cooling systems, call 920002194 or you could send your inquiries through the link


5- Maintenance and cleaning service for restaurant chimneys

Five Moons provides safety, security and regurlar care for restaurants by cleaning, disinfecting and sterilizing chimneys using the latest equipment and techniques to expel smoke, as well as cleaning kitchen hoods service where we remove grease on hoods in kitchens, restaurants, hospitals and hotels that cause fires or Spreading bacteria and viruses in the surrounding environment which leads to an unhealthy and unsafe environment.


Five Moons helps you to obtain the best ventilation and a healthy environment in the kitchens of restaurants, hospitals and hotels under the supervision of highly trained workers.

For reservations and inquiries, contact us on 920002194 or you can send your inquiries through the link

Kitchen Hood Cleaning


Where does Five Moons provide its services?

Five Moons provides its services all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • AD Dammam
  • Al Khobar
  • Dhahran
  • Al Qatif
  • Sihat
  • Ras Tanura
  • Al Jubail
  • Al Ahsa
  • Riyadh
  • Jeddah
  • Medina
  • Mecca
  • Yanu
  • Hail
  • Abha
  • Asir
  • Khamis Mushit
  • Tabuk
  • Jizan

7 Reasons why Five moons is your First choice?

Five Moons has all what you are looking for, for instance:

  • Experience

Five Moons has 29 years of experience in providing deep cleaning services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the largest Saudi institutions and companies such as Aramco, SABIC and many prestigious residential complexes.

  • Certificates

Five Moons is ISO 9001 certified in 2008 and a eminent member of INDOCERT and the National Pest Management and Control Association in the United States of America.

  • Safety

Five Moons is always committed to applying safety and quality standards in the materials used for cleaning and pest control operations.

Where Five Moons uses completely safe and environment friendly materials and approved by the World Health Organization.

  • Professionalism

Five Moons provides all its services by group of professional cadres that pays attention to the smallest details to provide the best level of service and to achieve customer satisfaction fully.

  • New equipment and tools

Five Moons is always keen to use new tools and equipment in all cleaning and pest control services to provide the best level of service and get the best results.

  • Latest technologies

Five Moons is always keen to evelove by using the latest technologies, this make us distinguish among the competitors and provide a distinctive and exclusive service to our customers in all services provided for cleaning, pest control, cleaning and maintenance of air conditioners, cleaning restaurant chimneys and other provided services.

  • Customers service

Five Moons is known for its high level of the permanent and continuous attention to provide the best and fastest level of customer service and listening to customers complaints and suggestions constantly for continuing development and achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction.


We are happy to serve our customers in companies such as Aramco, SABIC, Samsung and other international companies.


You can learn more about Five Moons through who we are and get to know our customers through Five Moons previous projects and customer reviews.


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