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If you type ‘best pest control companies near me’ into Google, we are proud to say Five Moons should show up near the top of the list.

But along with us, there are a handful of other companies that will also appear. They include TRAP Pest Control, Rentokil Boecker, Entotox Public Health and Mace Environmental Services Co.

All five of these companies, including us, have a good reputation for ridding your home or office of pest infestations. Therefore, it can be hard for potential customers to know which one to procure the services of.

For this reason, we have put together this post; because we want to show you why Five Moons is the one you should pick.

About Five Moons

Five Moons has been serving the pest control needs of Saudi Arabian businesses and residences since they first opened their doors in 1992.

Serving the country’s Eastern Province, our company was launched to provide a professional and premium service to both the commercial and residential sectors.

We are proud to have become a reputable name within the pest control services industry in Saudi Arabia, with a robust portfolio of long-time clients.

Through an unwavering commitment to delivering world-class services and an expertise in what we do, we also strive to set the national standard.

Services We Offer

Five Moons have a team of dedicated professionals who, between them, work 24 hours.

They also work with hi-tech equipment and facilities to deliver to our clients a specialized suite of services.

Here is what we offer:

  • Pest Control Service
  • Sanitization and Disinfection
  • Deep Cleaning Service
  • Air conditioner cleaning and Maintenance
  • General Cleaning Services
  • Facility Management
  • Hood and Air Duct Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Housekeeping

Regions We Serve

At present, we service most of the Commercial Kingdom, as well as the major residential cities of Riyadh, Dammam, Jazan, and Jeddah.

At the same time, we also have a presence in Jubail, Tabuk, Medina, and Makkah, with more offices planned to open in Saudi Arabia soon.


Are you wondering what our credentials are?

Well, for over two decades we have been an approved service provider with SABIC and Saudi Aramco.

Congruently, we have membership with the British Institute of Cleaning Science and INDOCERT.

We are also a certified ISO 9001:2008 member and a National Pest Management Association member in the USA.

Why Choose Five Moons

At Five Moons we base our business around delivering world class pest control to all our clients, as well as the general public.

Our all-encompassing service also includes air conditioning and repair, MEP, facility management services and general cleaning.

Through our professionalism and pursuit of excellence within our entire operational process, our operation meets a quality management system that is internationally recognised.

Here are six reasons to engage our services.


Our staff are experts at what they do. They are highly professional and have the ability to perform the required pest control services quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, effectively.


We practice wholly automated business and operational processes, which use state-of-the-art software to enhance every aspect of how we deliver our service.


We embrace cutting-edge technology to provide our clients with an excellent level of service, with the hope of surpassing their expectations.


We are experts in manufacturing and industrial services, in addition to the reporting which is required for the purposes of certification.


After a service has been successfully carried out, and on a continual basis thereafter, we provide our clients with smart reporting.

We do this to give our clients peace of mind about the state of their facilities.

Customer Service

Our customer service department is second to none. You can reach us in several ways, including through a toll-free phone or Whatsapp number, via social media or through our sales staff

Environmental policy

We are passionate about maintaining a safe and robust environment for all our customers and employees.

At an organisational level, health and safety is intrinsic within our culture and values. This reflects through all strata of our company, from board members and management to staff and technicians.

To ensure complete safety, we only use eco-friendly and hazard-free chemicals when performing services to eradicate the potential for harm to life or damage to property.

In addition, we have in place strict safety measures in place throughout every stage of our operational process to ensure our staff handles and disposes of chemicals in an ethically responsible, safe and environmentally friendly fashion.

What to do now?

Having Googled ‘Best Petrol Control Near Me’ and clicked on our page, we hope you are suitably impressed by what you have read.

At the end of the day, Five Moons has worked hard to develop the strong reputation we have for being one of the best pest control services in the business.

So, please call us on 92 000 2194 to schedule an appointment now!

We are open from 8 am to 5 pm on Saturday through to Friday.

Alternatively, feel free to email us at info@fivemoon.com.sa

We look forward to hearing from you.


Who are some of the best pest control companies near me?

Aside from Five Moons, of course, some of the best pest control companies in Saudi Arabia include TRAP Pest Control, Rentokil Boecker, Entotox Public Health and Mace Environmental Services Co.

What jobs do pest control companies handle?

Most pest control companies in Saudi Arabia will offer a range of services, which typically involve dealing with or eradicating termite infestations, insects and rodents.

How do these companies manage their control activities?

The best pest control companies will perform a host of tasks, including blocking windows, doorways and holes, setting traps, removing any pests who have been snared in the traps and destroying nests.

Some may even initiate temperature control methods to kill pests and give the areas where they were a deep clean.