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Author : Five Moon

We live in a world that depends tremendously on itself, there are many people who think of depending on themselves for some easy issues that require simple steps like fixing a toilet or changing some broken lights at home, but when it comes to exterminating and controlling insects it can never be done by yourself at home.

There are many sets of different tools that may help you in this process but unfortunately, no matter what you do and whatever effort you exert, your performance to eliminate insects will not be as good as the quality that the professional companies are going to provide you.

Today, I will tell you, why you should not exterminate insects by yourself

Insects are accustomed to household pesticides and it is no longer effective:

All pesticides currently exist in the market and available for home usage away from the companies are similar and we can say that they are the same.

All these pesticides  are have been used for many years and this what made the new generations of insects be immune against them to the point that they no longer effective

You may feel that insects are weak creatures but you must know that the only living organisms that can resist the nuclear bomb and will not die because of it or because of the nuclear radiation are the cockroaches which are considered one of the most powerful living organisms on the earth.

Insects rapidly produce new generations, usually produce these new generations and the eggs hatch amid household chemicals to eliminate them, so they form a strong immunity against it, since they hatch from their eggs.

The wrong use of household pesticides speeds up this immunity. For example, if the special dose you need to eliminate one insect is 1 ml of the pesticide then you may miscalculate and use 1\2 ml of the pesticide. Incorrect use of doses makes the insects accustomed to this substance, like the popular proverb says ” what does not kill you makes you stronger.”

Weak household pesticides:

This is different from the immunity that insects formed from these pesticides

You may use the insecticide well and in good doses and it is a relatively new substance in the market- this is very rare to happen but it may happen.

In Spite of all this, insects do not die or need more than one dose and more than one treatment of the same substance, here, you ask yourself and you think that you have done something wrong during the process.

Dear reader, do not worry you have not done something wrong and you are not to blame, the blame lies fully on the product that you used as it was not strong enough to eliminate insects, or more correctly, insects were stronger than it, maybe in number or intensity.

Most of the strong pesticides, really require special training and special license too, to be able to purchase them, and they are not sold in small amounts to suit the average consumer and you need to purchase them in bigger amounts to be able to get them at reasonable and logical prices.

Each insect infestation is different and needs a different approach:

One of the big mistakes that the one who is trying to eliminate insects makes by himself is that each infection or breakout of insects is different from the other. For example, if your home suffers mosquito infestation this will be quite different from dealing with an infestation of cockroaches or termites.

This difference results from the different substances used as pesticides to eliminate them in addition to the huge difference in the confrontation process itself.

For example, when you encounter mosquito infection you need to get rid of stagnant water around or inside the house as much as possible, and you may need to check the water connections to find out where the leak is.

Each insect elimination process is different in type and details although they are all the same in essence.

Using the wrong steps during the process of insect elimination may cause a lot of problems later on and may increase insect infestation.

Personal safety:

A big part of insecticide specialists training and those who are working in the field is personal safety and the safety of home residence first.

This means that those who work in the field of insect elimination must be careful in the substances they use in order not to leave a trace of these substances in the home or area of elimination.

Especially since many insects use kitchens and bathrooms as living spaces and these, as you know, are vital places in any home.

Therefore, you need to get rid of the remains of insecticides, especially in the kitchens, so that these remains do not get attached to food and foodstuffs.

In addition, a large part of pesticides is already highly toxic substances, which are volatile gaseous substances that can cause great harm to the user.

That is why you should try very hard to protect yourself and your eyes specifically from volatile substances and particles of insecticides.

One last word:

Finally, you should know that the essential role of the pesticide and for the whole insect elimination process is to protect home residence and civilians from the dangers of insects and the troubles they cause. Therefore, you should pay attention in order not to cause more troubles in your attempt to solve one small problem such as insect infestation.

There are some simple insect infections that it is more suitable for the home residents to deal with by themselves, but there are other infections also that require the intervention of professionals.

Your major role is to differentiate these different infections and inform the professionals when it requires their intervention.

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