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Author : Five Moon

Cockroaches may not represent a health or economic risk like other insects, but they represent a psychological danger and threaten the general view of wherever they appear.

Just one cockroach passing in front of you can make you lose your temper and not hold yourself much longer.

Today, we will talk with you specifically about the most effective ways to get rid of cockroaches and easily eliminate them before trying to contact professional insect control companies.

Why do cockroaches get in your home?

The answer to this question is a little bit complicated, but it’s not that different from other insects.

What attracts insects to enter any home is the availability of food and materials they can feed on in abundance.

This means that food crumbs and small pieces of food lying on the floor or leftovers of uncovered foods that frequently dumped in dish sinks are considered a golden treasure for insects, especially cockroaches.

Cockroaches are mainly attracted to leftovers, unlike other insects that can feed on various materials or even feeds on humans, such as mosquitoes.

This means you need to get rid of all of these leftovers, even if they are leftovers of your pet’s food.

cockroaches can get in your home from various places, such as cracks and fractures in the walls or even from your wooden doors.

besides, holes in ventilation openings, pipes of water and sewage, or even ventilation hoses.

How can you get rid of cockroaches in your home?

A good and deep cleaning of the house:

This sounds like well-known piece of information, not necessary to mention in a particular point, as a matter of fact it is the most significant point in facing the invasion of insects and preventing their infestation in your home, and eliminating them immensely.

When you intensely clean your home and get rid of leftovers and crumbs, this prevents insects from infesting as they lose their food sources.

  • Make sure to follow these steps when cleaning your home:
  • Wash the dishes well and store them in special places after meals.
  • Clean up leftovers from the floor and furniture alike.
  • Get rid of waste as you go and keep it from accumulating in your home.
  • Store food correctly either in refrigerators or in airtight boxes.
  • Clean carpets and furniture regularly.

Use of traps that sold in stores:

A wide range of traps in stores that you can buy designed specially to get rid of cockroaches.

These traps vary widely, from small patches and strong glue that sticks to cockroaches and prevents them from moving to special devices that emit ultrasound waves that cockroaches only hear and expel them from the house.

Using liquid concentrates for cockroach control:

There is a group of liquid concentrates that exist in stores, basically to eliminate cockroaches and crawling insects. For example, commercial insecticides are applied to a large amount of water to cover more places and to mop homes and factories in them alike.

When you dissolve these liquid concentrates, you can put them in all places where cockroaches appear, such as cracks and holes in walls and doors of your home that insects inter through them frequently.

You can also mop the floors with these materials after diluting them, of course, in an appropriate way.

  • Use of boric acid:

Boric acid is one of the best materials for getting rid of cockroaches in particular, there are special formulations and combinations that you can use to get rid of cockroaches using boric acid.

One of the most famous of these preparations is mixing boric acid with flour and sugar to make a paste that can kill cockroaches very strongly and quickly.

Cut this dough into small balls and spread them around the house and around the places where roaches are abundant.

Flour and sugar together will attract cockroaches, and the boric acid will kill them effectively and very quickly.

There are other methods you can use to prevent cockroaches from getting in your home and infesting, for example:

  • Get rid of paper boxes and newspapers

Where cockroaches love to live and feed on cardboard consisting of cartons or paper boxes and newspapers alike, getting rid of these boxes will prevent the cockroaches from spreading and they will not find food they can eat and thus they will die.

Also, you can put some pesticides in these boxes to prevent cockroaches from breeding in them and eliminate new generations on an ongoing basis.

  • Waste and scrap disposal:

Scrap area is a dark place where cockroaches and insects, in general, can enter and feed on crumbs, multiply and build their nests, so you must get rid of the scrap and make the sun enter all corners of the house, or at least all corners of the house be exposed so that there is no place Cockroaches can feed in.

  • Using door sweeps and filling cracks and fractures in the walls:
    As we said earlier, cockroaches enter your home through holes, cracks, fractures, and door sills, so you must work to block these places to prevent their entry from the start.

    For example, you can use door sweeps, which are the thick carpets in front of the doors in various homes that work to prevent insects from entering through door sills and the bottom of the doors.

    Also, you can use a boric acid paste with sugar and flour to fill holes and cracks so that it is deadly and poisonous to cockroaches and insects in general.

  • Continuous home checking:

It is important to check and clean your home periodically, if you neglect your home and do not check all its corners for a long time, this may cause insects infestations and reach a high degree without you knowing or paying attention, and then you would be surprised that there is a high degree of insect infestation very difficult to deal with.

If you do not find any of the methods mentioned above to get rid of cockroaches and they are still widespread in your home, this means that most likely there is a nest for cockroaches next to your house or perhaps inside it, that is why you will need to contact one of insects control companies to address the problem of cockroaches that fill Your home.