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Author : Five Moon

The ants are considered one of the most annoying insects at home, although, they seem unharmful, they are truly one of the most harmful insects and they might put you and your loved ones’ life in danger in the home.

One of the simplest dangers of ants is that they may expose you to hypersensitivity of ant’s bite, in case you are suffering such kind of allergy or another hypersensitivity to anything, so ants’ bite will be harmful and may be fatal to you, so you must be very careful especially if one of your family members has an allergy!

Moreover, the ants are considered one of the uncivilized features a person can experience at a restaurant or some coffee, imagine, dear reader, serving you food on a plate full of ants.

Although ants do not spoil food, in 99% of the cases, you will find that you throw the plate run away from this restaurant, so ants may cause you to lose a lot of money if you own a restaurant, so you should try hard to get rid of the ants whether at your restaurant or home.

There are many ways to help you to get rid of ants in restaurants and at home, most of which include insecticides and calling a private insect control company.

Today, I will provide you with a range of simple tips that enable you to get rid of ants and prevent their spread easily without using insecticides at all.

Use fresh Limone to control ants:

We all like the smell of this fresh Limone, apart from its other benefits that you can get when squeezing it on fruits, juices, and food.

What if I told you that Limone can get rid of and control ants!

Ants hate the smell of Limone very much, not only that but squeezing the Limone on any surface – even on the floor – will prevent the ants from crawling and climbing this surface!

The best way to get the advantage of this information is to add lemon juice in a sprayer that contains water and use it to spray floors, walls, and different furniture to prevent the ants from climbing them and digging their tunnels.

Stop ants by using salt:

Any home or restaurant is never empty of salt, it is granules or chloride sodium crystals and due to the alkaline nature of this chemical compound, ants do not prefer it and can not coexist with it at all.

Therefore, one of the most practical ways to get rid of the ants to put some salt in the water sprayer and spray water heavily on the floor or the place where the ants are spread.

Use soapy products:

You can use any cleaning product that has soapy nature or slightly thicker liquid to eliminate ants, besides the beautiful odor that this product will leave in your home

To do this, all you have to do is to put this product in the burrows and tunnels that ants dig in your floor or their holes and nests.

Soapy materials generally work on eliminating ants totally and relieve you completely.

Seal the holes where the ants come from with silicone:

You can seal the ants’ holes with silicone – different wax guns – but make sure to apply adequate amounts to completely seal the hole, the area around or adjacent to it, so that the ants do not dig a new tunnel.

Use of pepper:

The smell of pepper can eliminate ants, even it works as ants repellent, so one of the most practical ways to get rid of ants is to put pepper – ground or natural hot pepper- in a water solution, mix it well then start to spray this solution on the floor and places where the ants come out of.

You can also pure this solution of spray it intensively around the ants’ burrow and the holes where they come out of, to make sure that the ants are completely got rid of and prevented from coming out of these holes forever.

Search for the ants’ queen:

Usually, the ants’ burrow and the holes you see in your home are an extension of a real burrow that is often far from home in a safe place.

One of the best and most practical ways is to track these ants’ burrows and find the queen.

The queen works continuously to lay lots of eggs while the working ants work to bring her food, so if you eliminate the queen, the working ants will be aimless, distracted, and easy to eliminate, moreover, you will get rid of the new generations of ants and you will still have the task of eliminating the existing ants.

If you cannot reach the ants’ queen, you can spray the entire burrow with the materials we mentioned above, which will surely kill the queen.

Use of ginger and garlic juice:

As we said earlier, ants are highly sensitive to strong and heavy odors such as pepper, salt, ginger, garlic, and other such strong odors.

Use a mixture of ginger and garlic with a water solution, and then spray it in various places in your home or on walls and under doors to eliminate ants completely and prevent them from making progress and spreading inside your home.


As you saw, dear reader, by using a group of materials that are widely available in any home or restaurant, you can completely eliminate the ant problem without resorting to the insecticide resolution that may be toxic to many people or even without trying to contact one of the insects’ controls companies.