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Get to know the pests in the Spiders family below.

Scorpions tend to feed on other insects, like crickets. Outdoor lights can be turned off at night to aid in eliminating crickets. Weather stripping can also be installed on doors, windows, and garage doors. Keeping garden areas pruned by mowing grass, pruning bushes, and cutting back overhanging tree branches can help keep scorpions at bay.

  • Get rid of trash, logs, boards and other items around the home.
  • Tree branches can provide a pathway to the roof of your home for scorpions to access.
  • Scorpions feed on other insects.
  • Cover weep holes with small pieces of screen to avoid scorpion invasion.
  • Scorpions occupy dark areas and wooden surfaces. Ensure that your closets, cabinets and other dark spaces are regularly checked, and avoid storing debris, firewood or other wood on the premises.
  • Scorpions are seasonal pests and tend to appear during the months of May to August.


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