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Author : Five Moon

At the beginning of the summer season, the number of insects increases greatly in household gardens full of various flowers and fruits. Today, we are going to talk about the effective methods to exterminate insects in the household garden.

All the methods we are going to mention today are safe and you can easily apply them at home but if the numbers of insects you have increased and these methods did not work, then you need to contact a specialist to help you to eliminate these insets.

Use insects natural enemies:

In fact, not all insects are bad and we must get rid of them, some insects exist to feed on harmful insects.

For example, ladybird insects feed on various insects that are harmful to the gardens, this also applies to ground beetles and other insects that are beneficial to the garden.

It is important not to try to get rid of these insects because it will help you to get rid of harmful insects and it will not harm your garden, on the contrary, getting rid of them will harm your garden.

These Insects also help to pollinate various plants and transfer pollen from one flower to another. Therefore it will help you to improve the level of your garden and spread the plants in it.

Use of natural barriers:

You might think that insects are capable of overcoming all barriers, but this is wrong, you can prevent insects from easily reaching your plants by using suitable barriers for them. Let us focus here on the word suitable.

For example, using an iron mesh with very small holes -a fine net- as shown in the picture below, will prevent flying insects from reaching the flowers in case you placed the net around the flowers in a suitable way.

You can also use cardboard paper, then you place it in a circular shape around the stem and roots to prevent crawling insects from reaching the flowers, if you dip this cardboard paper into the ground a few centimeters deep you will prevent worms and insects that dig into the ground from reaching the trunk.

It is important to observe the growth of the plant while applying these barriers, so do not let it suffocate the plant by being narrow or not suitable for the plant size at this age.

Use plants as natural insect repellent:

Some plants secret insects repellent substances and prevent the insects from entering the garden and reproduce in abundance, it is important to use such plants in your garden.

These plants are known as companion plants, including garlic, growing garlic around the vegetables prevents many beetles and spiders, and other groups of insects from approaching the flowers.

The same applies to growing basil next to tomatoes as it prevents tomato worms from entering the garden and so on.

It is important for you as a farmer or interested in growing plants in gardens to know the plants that protect from various insects and to use them in protecting your garden.

Paying attention to soil is important for protection against insects:

Insects feed on plants, whether they are strong and healthy or not, but the major difference between strong, healthy plants and weak plants is their resistance to various insects.

The stronger and healthier the plants are, the better they have the ability to resist insects and resist the damage of the insects too.

turnover the soil frequently before planting the new crop and apply compost and nutrients to the soil regularly.

Pick up big insects manually:

The most important part related to caring for the garden is picking up and catching big insects manually, this means to search manually for beetles and big worms and pick them up by your hands and get rid of them whether by crashing or throwing them away from your garden.

This process is very practical in the case of small gardens, and for large gardens, it is better to contract a specialized company to exterminate insects and protect your crop from insects.

Switching between crops periodically-crop rotation-:

Crop rotation, as it is known more professionally, relies on switching between crops to change planted plants in each part of the garden separately.

For example, if you grow crop A in area A, next year grow crop B in area A, and so on.

Many insects keep hiding in winter and start to appear again at the beginning of the summer and spring, of course, some insects feed on a type of crops rather than others, so the process of switching crops confuses the insects and makes them lose the source of their food in this area which leads to their elimination.

Use suitable traps and snares:

Some insects are too big to the point that you can eliminate them by suitable traps and snares, do not forget also that all gardens are prone to mice attack, so using traps is very important to get rid of mice and to be protected from them.

There are some simple traps that are sold such as these yellow leaves that insects stuck to it, and contain nutrients that attract insects.

Use of pesticides:

Why did we mention pesticides as the last option, although they are the logical choice to encounter the insects in gardens?! Because pesticides represent a real danger for your crop and may cause damage to your crop or reduce its quality.

Therefore, dear reader, you should pay attention to the quality of the pesticide you use and do not use pesticide as much as possible.

It is important also to contact the specialized companies in case your garden is infected with a lot of insects and they infested your garden that makes it hard to control them.

Protecting gardens from summer insects is very important and you should pay attention to it, no one likes to have their crops or garden destroyed even if you grow them for entertainment because of some small insects.