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Author : Five Moon

It is one of the normal issues for any pet breeder such as cats and dogs that all pets suffer from insects even if they do not show symptoms of infection and you do not see the insects with your eyes. The question arises, can these insects harm us? How can we get rid of them in our homes? What are the types of pets’ insects?

Well, many types can infect pets but we are particularly talking about bugs or ticks as they are known locally, these insects are scientifically known as Ctenocephalides or flea, which is a type of external parasites that feed on the blood of a large group of mammals that live on earth particularly cats and dogs.

Although the types that feed on the blood of dogs are different from the ones that feed on cats they are similar in the large family source and a little bit different in their shape, size, and scientific name.

These insects can, in some cases, bite and itch human beings, in addition to a range of other serious diseases.

These insects represent a big problem to the pet breeder because their reproductive cycle is so fast as it takes two to three weeks from the start of laying eggs to the full growth phase that enables them to reproduce.

Technically this means that your dog can be infected with a new life cycle every week or about 10 days, so it is very important to work on exterminating these insects before they reach the adult phase and start to breed.

The good news is that these insects, although they might bite humans, will not live and multiply on them, so the symptoms of infection with these insects will not increase to just the feeling of itching or redness.

This matter is quite different if the person has an insect allergy, then it can develop very quickly.

This insect can use you as a carrier until it reaches the ideal host for her, which is your dog or cat.

Dangers of Pets’ insects:

These insects represent a big problem because they transmit another internal parasite, which is the dog tapeworm, or is known scientifically by Dipylidium caninum, which reaches approximately 50 cm long.

Usually, this worm does not represent a great danger to the animal health except for an increase of the appetite without an increase of the animal size or weight.

In some cases where numbers of insects are large, it may cause intestinal blockage or continuous stomach ache for the animal, in addition to lasting itch in the animal’s anus.

This worm does not transmit to humans because their immune and digestive systems can handle and clear it out easily, but it represents a big issue for children as most of these insect infections occur in children.

Symptoms vary greatly and differ according to the size of the infection and the numbers of worms that exist, but in general, it causes intestinal problems and constant stomach aches for children.

All these problems are easily treated by using anti worms and intestinal parasite medicines as this worm is unable to resist the common and widespread medicines to counter intestinal infection.

How to know if you have been bitten by dogs’ bugs?

There are no obvious symptoms other than redness in the area of the bite and a continuous feeling of itching.

Not all redness is a sign of insects bite, there are a group of distinctive signs that prove this matter, which are the follows:


  • The small crust on your skin surrounded by a red circle.
  • Tiny red marks around a central red spot.
  • Clusters of tiny puffy red marks similar to mosquito bites.
  • Bites marks on your feet and ankle.


Add to all these marks of small black spots similar to black paper on the ground in addition to continuous itching in your pet.

All these signs prove that you, dear reader, are suffering from a flea attack.

How can you get rid of animals’ insects?

Well, there are more than one way and more than one aspect for the process of getting rid of and eliminating pet’ insects, we can divide the aspects of getting rid of pet’ insects into three main aspects, which are:

  • Get rid of insects on humans.
  • Get rid of insects on animals.
  • Get rid of insects at home.

Let us start by detailing these different aspects.

Get rid of insects on humans:

Before we start talking about the way to get rid of insects on human, we must set an essential rule we can not ignore, which is:

“Do not use insecticide intended for insects with humans”

The matter seems reasonable and no need to warn about it, but in fact, this matter is important and very crucial and some may disregard it.

There are medicines intended for external use in humans that you can use to eliminate insects, although the insect will not live on your body, these medicines are useful in eliminating the insects before it bites you.

If it happens and you are bitten by an insect, the first and the most important step to do is to calm the pain and the itching by using topical medications or antihistamines that can help you to tolerate itching.

After that, try very hard not to scratch the spot where you feel a fatal desire to scratch, if you scratch this spot, the formed crust will fall out and the infection will spread in the surrounding area and become a little harder to treat.

Clean your clothes and spray them with insecticides to get rid of the insects before they bite you and before they transmit to your pet.

Note, dear reader, that you may transmit the infection to your pet from outside, as you may have caught it from an animal outside the home.

Get rid of insects on animals:

Whatever the case is, you should not neglect the dose of insecticide for your pet, this means that you are in constant need to give the right dose to your animal continuously on time without neglect.

The second important point is that prevention is better than treatment, so always try to use insect collars and use external insecticides to protect your animal and its body and prevent infection in the first place.

Monitor your pet continuously, and if you find that it has begun to be exposed to an insect infestation, go directly to your nearest veterinarian and treat the animal with the appropriate treatment.

Get rid of insects at home:

It’s the same as the regular household pest eliminating process. Make sure that your pet’s sleeping area is clean, clean, and vacuum it daily.

If the infection occurs, use one of the appropriate insecticides to kill pet’ insects in your home and make sure that your child or pet does not eat them.

Infection with pet’ insects, while it does not cause serious problems like other insects, but it may cause great inconvenience to you and your pet, so prevention, protection of your pet, and prompt treatment is very important and vital.