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Author : Five Moon

As we mentioned previously the dangers of mice and why they are considered the fierce killer throughout history.

Today, we will talk a little more in detail about the best methods to get rid of mice and eliminate them in your home, in addition to protecting your home from them.

Let us start with the best ways to eliminate mice:

There are two types of methods to get rid of mice and eliminate them, the first one is the hardest as it requires you to encounter an invisible enemy, that hides skillfully in the walls, around your home, and on the floor as well, you will feel that you are facing a super-intelligent enemy who is experienced to survive.

The second type, which is the easiest, is asking for the professional help from a professional killer to get rid of this enemy, all that separates you from this type is only one phone call, contact our professional team to get rid of mice and we will accomplish this difficult mission for you.

Get rid of mice entrances:

Mice are a little bit different from insects, they are not small creatures that can enter and climb the smallest hole in your wall.

Mice need a relatively bigger space than insects to be able to enter and this means that you can notice where the mice are going to enter with your naked eye.

Perhaps it is a little bit difficult when it comes to mice because mice as animals can squeeze and compress their body to be able to enter through small holes.

You can easily find out if the hole can fit for a mouse or not by using a pencil, if the pencil passes through this hole then this means it can fit for a mouse.

Make sure to seal the various holes with materials that mice can not eat or dig their way through, such as the rock wool or the sharp iron mesh that injures the mice when they walk on it.

Ensure that all holes are well closed. In addition to the places where water pipes pass through, drainage, ventilation openings, and other natural entrances exist inside your home.

Use of mouse traps:

Even though mouse traps are an old way and you feel that mice have become more intelligent in order to not to be trapped but they succeed many times to catch mice and eliminate them.

In fact, this is both true and false at the same time, it is important to use a variety of traps from different types to be able to catch mice easily.

Moreover, using a large number of mouse traps is beneficial, because many times you think that your home suffers only one mouse, and you will be surprised that a large herd of mice exists together.

Some mice manage to escape one type of trap, so using a combination and a variety of traps is beneficial to eliminate different mice that can escape from one of the types of traps.

Use a fresh, suitable bait in the trap:

The importance of the mousetrap comes from having the right bait in it, and one of the most convenient ways is to use the food the mouse has eaten in your home.

Another way is to use foods that mice are known to like, such as chocolate, peanut butter, or dried fruit meals.

Make sure the trap is properly secured with either nails or hot glue guns so that the mouse does not escape the trap.

Also, be sure to secure the bait well with a sturdy fishing thread because it does not cut off easily so that the mouse does not escape with the bait that exists inside the trap.

Also, be sure to change the bait every two days so that it stays fresh and attracts mice well.

Put the trap in a suitable place:

You can choose a suitable trap, vary its use and use suitable and fresh bait to suit the mice, but when you place the traps in the wrong place you have wasted all of this effort.

Always try to place the traps with its opening in the opposite direction of the wall, imagine the direction in which the mouse will run towards the food and place the trap in this direction so that you can benefit the trap to the maximum and catch the mouse appropriately.

placing the trap incorrectly may lead to trigger the trap earlier and in an unsuitable time that causes the mouse to flee the trap forever.

Put the traps in the place where you find mice litter or crumbs of food leftovers.

Keep the place and the home clean:

Cleaning the house and basement will not get rid of or repel mice, but leaving them unclean will most certainly attract mice into your home and make you suffer with them.

You can imagine, dear, that mice can survive and live on 3-4 grams of food crumbs per day. Imagine if you leave a lot of food lying on the ground here and there, or leftovers in the kitchen.

Disposing garbage in appropriate rat-proof containers is also important. Plastic bags cannot withstand a mouse’s front teeth and front incisors.

Encounter the mice inside and outside the home:

Encountering mice outside the home is an important part of getting rid of mice.

Wreck and garbage left outside the home attract mice, which by their nature will try to enter the house due to the warmth and the smell of fresh food.

Make sure to secure all places where mice can hide and nest inside them, and you must also make sure to get rid of the garbage and any materials that the mice could feed on outside the home.

Encounter mice with natural animals

There are certain types of cats and animals that are natural enemies of mice and they feed a lot on them, so it is very important that you secure your home by owning one of these animals.

Note that only some types of cats and dogs are the ones that feed on mice and love to chase them, so it is important to have one of these species, you have a pet that does not like catching mice will not make a difference in the process of facing mice, so the selection process is very important.

If you are still facing a problem with mice after all the steps we mentioned above, or you want to exterminate the mice easily, pick up the phone, contact our company to help you get rid of mice in your home with minimal effort.