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Author : Five Moon

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Mosquitoes breed and spread in summer and rainy seasons in all countries around the world.

The high temperatures in our Arab countries make our climate ideal for mosquitoes to grow and multiply, causing many problems and damages to different communities.

The damages of mosquitoes vary greatly and we had earlier discussed in our previous article all about mosquitoes, and we also talked  in more details about the types of mosquitoes, But briefly, mosquito damage varies from just tiny bites and pinches that cause skin redness and may reach to transmission of many deadly diseases such as malaria and Zika virus.

Off course, mosquitoes’ existence in any workplace, especially if it is a restaurant or commercial facility, exposes the business owner to lose a lot of money and customers.

The inconvenience caused by mosquitoes makes customers dissatisfied with the place and affects their experience tremendously.

Therefore, as an employer, you must attach great importance to get rid of mosquitoes decisively and tremendously.

Protect customers and staff against mosquitoes:

Controlling mosquito invasion is an essential factor for the success of your business, especially if you have an outdoor area as part of your facility, such as hosting areas and educational facilities, in addition to sports and commercial complexes alike.

The main factor that we are keen on when we talk about controlling mosquito outbreaks is either to get rid of mosquitoes completely or try to keep them in low numbers in order to protect both customers and staff.

The less we can make the mosquito count in your commercial facility the lower chance of a customer being bitten, and this of course will protect the evaluation of your business and the customer’s experience in it.

The best solution to get rid of mosquitoes in your facility is to use professional mosquito management and control programs, which is the service that our company provides you, but you can also apply some basic steps to protect your facility against mosquitoes.

Getting rid of stagnant water pools:

As we explained earlier, mosquitoes reproduce mainly in stagnant water bodies in a way to be able to reproduce naturally and lay their eggs in them.

You must get rid of natural or artificial water bodies, at least you must ensure that there is adequate sanitary drainage for them.

The best places for mosquitoes to gather and to breed are:

Places with poor sanitary drainage such as swamps or car traces in wet muddy ground and floor dips when they are filled with water, you must make sure that all these spots are maintained or filled with any material so that water does not gather.

Things and junks where water gather should be completely disposed of, such as old buckets and dumped tires.

Replenish water left for long times that cannot be disposed of, such as flowerpots, bird and pets bathtubs.

You must make sure not to irrigate playgrounds and grassy areas with much water. Excessive water will lead to water pools in which mosquitoes can multiply enormously.

Make sure to repair any malfunction on the water hoses or the ways of moving them from place to place. This also applies to any water leakage, no matter how small it is, it may create a water swamp and thus an ideal breeding place for mosquitoes.

Sewage’s rooms and their swamps are the ideal place for mosquitoes to grow and lay their eggs, so you must always cover and close them tightly, and you must clean and look after them continuously.

Control of adult mosquitoes’ areas of outbreaks:

Adult mosquitoes rest and stand during the day in dark places, such as under stairs or behind building foundations, and amid tall grass.

So, it is extremely important to control these places and make them uncomfortable for adult mosquitoes.

You should always make sure to trim and shorten tall grass, and keep grassy areas and playgrounds short and trimmed.

You must use an environmentally safe insecticide and spray it in these dark places as it will eliminate adult mosquitoes for weeks to come.

Prevent mosquitoes from entering buildings:

Keep doors and windows closed when unused, and install appropriate protection methods such as wires with tiny ventilation holes on windows and doors and any opening in the building that mosquitoes can pass through.

Always make sure that the layers of protection that you have installed on windows, doors and ventilation openings are appropriate and intact and do not contain any big holes that mosquitoes can pass through, be sure that they are always repaired and maintained.

Maintenance of exterior swimming pools and aquariums:

You must always maintain the exterior swimming pools properly and continuously.

Always make sure that it contains the required levels of chlorine in the appropriate concentrations so it does not cause harm to its users and to protect it from becoming swamps for mosquitoes growth.

The young mosquitoes, once they hatch, need a source of nutrition, which is the bacteria that grow in stagnant water bodies, so you need to get rid of these bacteria in order to prevent the growth of mosquitoes and laying eggs in them.

Ensuring appropriate oxygen and chlorine levels in swimming pools is vital so that it does not become a permanent source of mosquitoes.

As for outdoor aquariums, you can leave some fish that feed on young mosquitoes or bacteria to get rid of eggs, and you can also vintailat them properly.

Providing a protective uniform for employees:

If your employees wear uniforms, make sure they are fully and properly protected against mosquitoes.

Make sure their clothes are durable and comfortable, and not larger or smaller than their size.

The lighter the colors of the clothes are with long sleeves, the more you help them to be protected from mosquitoes. Open shoes can leave an opportunity for mosquitoes to reach the skin of the feet and leave an annoying mark on them.

Also, tight clothing, no matter how thick, will not prevent mosquito bites because the mosquito mouthparts are very small and can pass through the fabrics.

Use an internationally and locally approved mosquito repellent:

As a quick solution, you can encourage visitors and staff to use a mosquitoes’ repellent that contains locally and internationally approved materials.

Also, You can contact the environmental officer in your area to make sure what substances are allowed in mosquitoes’ repellent packages.

Moreover, you can provide individual or packages of mosquitoes’ repellent substances in gathering places and where mosquitoes frequently exist as part of your comprehensive mosquitoes’ control program.

Protecting your visitors and staff from mosquitoes is very important, and as we said, mosquitoes are annoying and may affect visitors’ experience and their evaluation of the place in addition to exposing them to serious diseases.

Getting help from professional mosquitoes’ control companies:

One of the most important steps in a comprehensive mosquitoes’ control program is to have a company able to develop a clear and direct plan for mosquitoes’ control and future protection.

The process of mosquito protection and control does not end with getting rid of mosquitoes that you see with your eyes, but the specialized company must review all places where mosquitoes can grow and get rid of stagnant water pools.

So, do not be surprised if the company provided you with a set of tips and requests to get rid of water bodies or asked you to maintain some water connections.

The company must carefully examine all parts of your facility in order to be able to determine the cause of the problem and get rid of it and to help you to be protected against future’s troubles.