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Pest Control


management and

We employ effective pest and rodent control, and other related services

Need to rid your home of lousy pests or rodents? Perhaps your hotel needs bird control services. Whatever the issue, we can assist you. We offer pest control services to homes, the hospitality and food industry, oil rigs, industrial facilities and more.

Our comprehensive service offering includes:

– We use state-of-the-art monitoring devices.
– We understand the habitat and behavior of pests.
– We utilize specific chemicals to target each pest.

– Bed bug termination
– Bird control services
– We do follow-up inspections to ensure pests are fully eradicated.

– We eliminate pests from resurfacing
– We go the extra mile to identify potential entryways and seal them to prevent pests from resurfacing.

-We eliminate pests from resurfacing
-We identify possible pest entryways and seal them.

– Bait station
– Mechanical traps
– Board glue traps
– Rodent bait application

– We make use of plant-friendly chemicals to treat your garden and ensure that plants are not harmed by pests.
– Weed control

– Pre-construction control
– Post-construction control

– Fogging service
– Dog and cat control
– Snakes and scorpion control
– Fumigation service (for containers, ships, and vessels): offshore, onshore, and rig service

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Benefits for Pets Control

Minimize the risk of illness

human diseases spread in several ways, with pests being one of the many causes. Pest management and control limits the spread of disease, protecting your staff and ensuring a safe and healthy environment.

Save money

certain pests show resistance to store-bought pesticides, resulting in unnecessary money spent on products. Avoid wasting money or harming others with nasty chemicals by allowing Five Moons to take care of the issue in a safe, controlled and effective manner.

Ensure a safe and healthy environment

pests can chew, burrow and gnaw through wooded surfaces within buildings. Five Moons prevents this from occurring with our highly effective pest control services.

Minimize allergies

ertain pests, like bedbugs, ants, spiders and mosquitoes can bite and sting, resulting in itching and nasty allergies. We make your environment safer and healthier for those occupying it.

Our experts utilize state-of-the-art pest control equipment to rid your environment of pests and rodents.

When eradicating pests and termites, we make use of the latest pest control solutions to meet the requirements of each job.

Our equipment includes:

The Termatrac T3i Suite

ULV Sprayer Air Fog Series– Air Fog 3

ULV Fogger Bure
Controls chemicals (pump motor output control)

SM Fog – 400 / SM FOG – 500

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