Termite Control

Termite species are found all over the world. Even if you think your upscale, air-conditioned home or building cannot possibly come under attack from these winged creatures, think again! Termites have been seen to travel up stone or concrete foundations to infest woodwork. The problem is that as termites eat wood from the inside out, they can be really hard to detect. In fact, most home and business owners don't even realize that they're dealing with termite infestation until their foundation wall or adjoining patios and porches become weak, and even collapse.

  • Winged, ant-like creatures around closed doors or windows
  • Discarded wings that look like fish scales
Termite Controll

Our state of the Art-Termite Detector Termite T3i will detect even the slightest termite infestation

Pre-construction Termite control

Termite Controll Termite Controll As termites nest in the soil, they can attack structures by building shelter tubes from the soil leading to the wood structures. Our pre-construction control solutions are ideal if you want to plug termite vulnerabilities proactively prior to building a home or office. We undertake soil treatment of structures, treatment of soil surrounding foundational elements and treatment of concrete slabs, among other strategies, for effective preventive control.

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