HVAC Maintenance system isn’t expensive compared to what you think you might spend out of it. Proper maintenance costs a lot less over the life of the equipment than to change it frequently. The better the system is maintained the longer its lifecycle will. It can only be achieve if you know the value of your equipment that should be well maintain through a finely crafted maintenance program which is as good as the people who did it.

Since most of AC System components are installed outside the building, it is easily susceptible to the influence of environmental factors outdoors that can get in the way of its proper operation, AC equipment should be well maintain in order to achieve efficiency and long life cycle at minimum possible cost.


Installation, Repair and Maintenance


WINDOW TYPE Window-type air conditioner are the top pick of those who want an affordable and easy to install cooling solution for your home or office. Even though the installation of these type of AC unit is fairly simple, having an expert electrical technician step in and do the job can ensure that it is properly and safely installed.


WINDOW TYPE Split AC systems can be single or multi split in such a way do not require additional ductwork for air circulation. Having option in this type of AC system provides users a sophisticated and easy to install air conditioning solutions. This is why users choose it more than other AC system.


PACKAGE UNIT The packaged air conditioners are used for the cooling capacities in between two extremes (Window/Split AC [up to 5 Ton Capacities] and Central Air Conditioning [cooling load till 20 Ton]). It is available in the fixed rated capacities of 3, 5, 7, 10 and 15 tons and is commonly used in places like restaurants, telephone exchanges, homes, small halls, etc. As the name implies, all the important components of these type of air conditioners such as compressor, cooling coil, air handling unit and the air filter are factory enclosed in a single casing like window. It is divided into two types: One is with water cooled condenser and the other one is with air cooled condensers.


CHILLED WATER AC SYSTEM It is commonly used in applications which requires large cooling capacity such as factories and industrial process, hypermarket, commercial Offices, hotels. Now a days more and more homes are using this system as their air conditioned solution to their entire house because of its cost-effectiveness and no hazard of having refrigerant piped all over the house. In this type of AC system, the cooling action is managed by means of an in-built heat exchanger that converts chilled water to cool air, hence the name.

Here are some list that should be determine and taken into consideration to prevent problems that may cause your air conditioning system to break down.

  1. Wiring

    Uncertified A/C wiring is risky and a prone to fire hazard. Moreover it damage the equipment that causes cost and discomfort. Connections should be check periodically to prevent future problems.

  2. Refrigerant level

    Refrigerant (Freon) cools the air within AC system. Most common problem in an AC system is due to Low Refrigerant Levels which manifest leakage that should be located and repaired at soonest possible time to avoid problem like frozen indoor coil.

  3. System Ventilation

    Fan units plays a big role in conveying the heat from your city home to the outside air. Malfunction on this fan at outside unit will cause overheat due to improper heat transfer at the air conditioning compressor that will lead to safety overload tripping and worse cases, it may cause internal damage to the compressor.

  4. Obstruction

    Obstructed Airflow will result a frozen coil due to filthy air filters or restriction in return air duct. Air Filters and air duct must be thoroughly clean to avoid obstructions.

  5. Unusual Sound

    This indicates tension in machines due to defective bearings, loose electrical connection and corrosion. Proper and timely ocular inspection must be implemented to avoid troubles to be more complicated.

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