Electrical & Plumbing Services


If you have been ignoring that leaking tap or broken toilet-flush in your home or office, now is a good time for you to pick up that phone and call your professional plumber in Saudi Arabia. What seems like a trivial plumbing issue can escalate and cause heavier damage, calling for expensive renovations. Then again, not all plumbing problems come with a warning. If you face an emergency plumbing issue, then be sure to immediately get in touch with your FMC local plumber so we can contain it so it causes minimal damage to your property and fix it at the earliest possible.

We can assist you with plumbing maintenance requirements such as drain cleaning, clog removal, drain cleaning and such. We also assist with repair of plumbing fixtures such as bathtubs, toilet, shower, tap, sink, sump, water heaters and so on.

Services entail
  • Drain cleaning
  • Clog removal
  • Plumbing Fixtures (bathtubs, toilets, shower tap, sink, sump, water heater etc.)


Common electrical problems like damaged electrical appliances, electrical wiring and switchboards can get in the way of work or pose a safety threat in some cases. At FMC, we have a team of qualified electrical technicians who can fix your problem so it causes minimal disruption in your everyday activities. Our technicians will inspect the site to determine the cause of the problem, and determine the most efficient and safe technique of electrical repair. We will not just leave it with temporary fixes, unless the problem takes more than one visit and we can offer an alternative solution until then, just so your operations are not affected by it.

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